Miss Namibia 2024

Miss Namibia 2024

TOP 10

Meet your Miss Namibia Top 10

(In alphabetical order)

Ruusa Angula

Age: 27  |  Windhoek

Where do you see myself in five years

My goal is to have developed both personally and professionally. By providing a safe haven for those in need, I aim to have fulfilled my advocacy’s objectives and aspirations of becoming the voice of the voiceless.

Prisca Anyolo

Age: 28  |  Windhoek

I envision myself growing my charitable organisation, Crowning Gardens, to a point where, with the aid of the World Food Programme, the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform, as well as other organisations, we have not only reached but have actually brought about real change in disadvantaged communities. In my ideal future, I will run my own marketing company and use my influence to further the welfare of my people and raise awareness of important social issues and current affairs by actively representing Namibia in both domestic and international arenas.

Lastly, I see myself utilizing my degree in journalism to secure a position at the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation as a journalist and television presenter. God willingly spearheading my own show, centered around Namibian beauty pageants, the causes that the contestants promote, and the title holders’ journeys to highlight the significance of pageantry and the dedication and hard work that go into it.

Where do you see myself in five years

Jodie-Lee Barnard

Age: 22  |  Windhoek

Where do you see myself in five years

In five years, I anticipate myself working diligently and advancing in my career. And having significant impact on pageantry by using my platform to promote worthy issues including environmental sustainability and mental health awareness.

Georgia Garises

Age: 19  |  Windhoek

Where do you see myself in five years

In the next five years, I envision myself as my generation’s Next Top Model, promoting Namibia internationally and working with companies that will enable me to contribute positively to the community.

Hazel !Garus-Oas

Age: 28  |  Windhoek

Where do you see myself in five years

Ideally, after five years, I would like to be a specialist in a medical area that I am passionate about. Furthermore, I wish to play a significant role in funding performance art programs for children all across Namibia.

Naomi Kamenye

Age: 23 |  Windhoek

Where do you see myself in five years

I see myself as a proficient software engineer, that advocates for the who always works to better my community and promotes the welfare of the elderly.

Lenna Lindiwe Mugena

Age: 23  |  Windhoek

Where do you see myself in five years

 I see myself to be an advocate and a leader. In addition to pursuing my biggest dream—collaborating with the government to establish a skills-training facility for underprivileged and/or marginalized youth—I see myself continuing to empower young women to reach their full potential in beauty pageants. Most importantly, I want to teach students how to use their skills to their fullest potential by developing them into successful entrepreneurs.

Preclina Sagarias

Age: 26 |  Outjo

Where do you see myself in five years

I want to pursue acting and film storytelling in addition to being an acknowledged  legal practitioner in five years.

Aurelia Samuyenga

Age: 26  |  Windhoek

Where do you see myself in five years

In five years, I imagine myself as a worldwide prominent and successful supermodel, a CFA charter holder, and a formidable catalyst in Namibia’s financial industry. And I desire a life full of wonderful encounters and soul-satisfying adventures.

Otja Unanisa

Age: 24  |  Windhoek

Where do you see myself in five years

I visualize myself obtaining my bachelor’s degree in nursing within the next five years. I have an intense desire to work with infants, children, and adolescents and being a pediatric nurse and delivering the best medical treatment possible for them. In addition, I want to start an outreach program that specializes in identifying differently-abled children in remote locations who could be in need of assistance and are unable to get access to special needs-based healthcare.


July 8, 2024 | Luderitz