Miss World Namibia 2023

Albertina Haimbala

Meet Albertina Haimbala, the 23-year-old dynamo affectionately known as ‘Tina.’ Currently holding the title of Miss World Namibia, she’s gearing up to represent her nation on the global stage at the upcoming Miss World competition. Albertina’s journey is marked by resilience, compassion, and an unwavering commitment to positive change.

Raised in a family of eight on Mount Etjo Safari Lodge, Albertina’s childhood fueled her dedication to making a difference. She achieved a significant milestone by being the first in her family to complete high school and pursue tertiary education, earning a degree in marketing management from the University of Science and Technology.

Albertina’s advocacy for education and inclusivity stems from her experience growing up with two differently-abled sisters. Inspired by their resilience, she passionately advocates for breaking down stigmas and creating an inclusive society. Beyond advocacy, her foundation works to uplift persons with disabilities through awareness, breaking stigmas, and providing genuine support to young minds.

While currently centered on marketing management, Albertina’s academic journey reflects dynamic aspirations, including a persistent dream of becoming a pilot. Her commitment to personal development is evident in her plans to delve into modeling and attain a personal training certificate.

Fitness is a cornerstone of Albertina’s life, adopted in 2020 as a way of life. For her, fitness precedes beauty, promoting inner and outer beauty enhancement.

Albertina’s interest in beauty pageants is driven by the platform they provide for women to empower themselves and contribute meaningfully to communities. As the First Runner-Up in Miss Namibia, her journey has been nothing short of a blessing, a testament to dedication and answered prayers.

Looking ahead to Miss World, Albertina exudes confidence and purpose, envisioning a smooth journey to make Namibia proud. Her alignment with the pageant’s focus on beauty with a purpose resonates with her life goal of a purposeful life with a positive impact. Albertina Haimbala is not just a beauty queen; she is a beacon of hope and a voice for the voiceless, poised to represent Namibia with grace and unwavering confidence on the Miss World platform.

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Miss Earth Namibia 2023

Martha Kautanevali

Meet Martha Kautanevali, the 26-year-old civil engineer hailing from the picturesque Ohangwena Region, crowned as the second runner-up of Miss Namibia 2023. Martha is poised to represent Namibia at the prestigious Miss Earth pageant, scheduled for December 16, 2023, in Vietnam.

A dedicated STEM advocate, Martha has established a mentorship program that supports aspiring young individuals pursuing STEM courses at the university level. Her commitment to sustainable development and environmental awareness has set her on a unique path as a champion for a greener, more eco-conscious future.

Born and raised in the charming Ohamwaala-Edundja village, Martha’s Namibian roots run deep. Her love for her homeland is evident as she shares the wonders of Namibia, a country adorned with natural marvels and boasting the world’s oldest desert, which has stood the test of time for at least 55 million years. Namibia is also home to the world’s largest population of cheetahs.

Beyond her title of Miss Namibia second runner-up, Martha Kautanevali is a civil engineer and project management professional, currently serving as a building inspector at one of Africa’s largest banks, FNB. Her work in the engineering field is a testament to her commitment to excellence and making a positive impact on the built environment.

As the reigning Miss Earth Namibia 2023, Martha is fervently passionate about sustainable development and environmental awareness. Her belief that education and innovation are the keys to addressing the challenges of climate change aligns with her vision for a greener future. Martha Kautanevali is not just a beauty queen; she is an eco-warrior, ready to showcase Namibia’s commitment to environmental stewardship on the global stage at the Miss Earth pageant in Vietnam. Watch as she blends her engineering acumen with environmental advocacy, aiming to inspire positive change and a more sustainable world for all.

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Albertina Haimbala in action

Martha Kautanevali in action

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