Published May 24, 2024
Published May 24, 2024
The Miss Namibia Organization (MNO) coordinated a captivating tour for the Miss Namibia Top 10 Finalists.

The Miss Namibia Organization (MNO) coordinated a captivating tour for the Miss Namibia Top 10 Finalists. The tour is meant to expose the finalists to Namibia’s diverse culture as well as to promote the country’s tourism attraction sites and to build a sense of identity among the girls. The finalists are currently immersed in the breathtaking landscapes of the Kavango & Zambezi regions.

Guided by the esteemed CEO of the Miss Namibia Organization, Umbi Karuaihe-Upi, the Top 10 Finalists also extended their respects with courtesy visits to the NBC’s Regional Offices and the Governor’s office in the regions, pivotal stops on their journey. This visit was thoughtfully arranged to provide the finalists with an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the regional offices and to establish meaningful connections with the Governor, Managers and staff of the regional offices.

Kosmas Muyenga, the Wato FM Station Manager at the NBC Rundu office, warmly welcomed the Finalists. They were given a comprehensive tour of the studios and radio libraries, where they expressed their admiration for the historical materials still preserved in the office. Muyenga extended his gratitude for the visit and conveyed his best wishes to the finalists in their representation of the country. “I wish you all the best for the Miss Namibia journey to represent the country and not yourselves”.

The top ten Miss Namibia finalists then graced the Zambezi Region with their presence. Zambezi Region Governor, Alufea Sampofu welcomed the team to the region and reminded them about the importance and mission they have as ambassadors of each region and town they visit to the rest of the country and the world. “This is very important for our region; we only see these people on TV and now we see them live and it’s very beautiful; all we can say is that they are our ambassadors to promote the Zambezi Region and to promote Namibia as a whole. What we can say about these beauties is that they not only are they beautiful but they have beautiful hearts too; they represent the Namibian nation, the kindness, the wisdom, and the livelihood of the Namibian nation. We see that through them, other nations can see Namibia; they are the image or mirror of Namibia wherever they go.” He said the visit is an opportunity for them to have first-hand information on the region’s investment prospects, food production, and employment opportunities, especially through its vast agricultural land.

The team also paid a visit to the NBC’s Nwanyi FM, where Regional Manager, Susan Mafale, welcomed
them: “We are excited to see and meet the finalists for Miss Namibia, this is a privilege to us. I’m sure most girls would want to meet you, so welcome to Katima Mulilo.”

Some of the finalists, most of whom visited the region for the first time, spoke about the activities they engaged in during their stay, including a visit to Impalila Island, where they donated stationery and sanitary items to the learners of Impalila Combined School made possible by Debmarine Namibia. The Top 10 finalists concluded their excursion of the Zambezi and Kavango Regions and wrapped the trip up in Divundu before heading back to the capital city.

Miss Namibia Top 10 Finalists and NBC Wato M Station Manager, Kosmas Muyenga

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