CEO's Message

Dear Miss Pageantry Fans,

Dear Members and Supporters of the Miss Namibia Organisation,

Embrace the dawn of a transformative era with the Miss Namibia Organisation! We are thrilled to unveil our renewed commitment to empowering women and championing diversity, recognizing the immense strength it lends to the aspirations of young women. At the heart of our mission lies the ambition to forge a dynamic platform, one that resonates with women across Namibia, fostering the amplification of their voices and unlocking doors to unexplored opportunities and dreams.

In the spirit of our overarching theme for this year, “Calibrating at a High Level of Consciousness,” we aim to elevate consciousness surrounding beauty, individuality, and the unique perspectives that each young woman brings to the table. This theme underscores our dedication to facilitating an environment where women are encouraged to explore, define, and celebrate their own versions of beauty, transcending conventional norms.

Furthermore, our passion extends beyond the confines of the stage as we endeavor to cultivate a new generation of young, aspiring girls. We aspire to lay the foundation for a future filled with exciting prospects, inviting these budding talents to join hands with the Miss Namibia Organisation. Through this journey, we envision providing a stage for these young women to articulate their distinctive interpretations of beauty and to broadcast it to the world.

United as a sisterhood in arms, our collective vision is to seamlessly integrate pageantry into the fabric of everyday Namibian lives. By doing so, we seek to redefine the narrative surrounding beauty, making it inclusive, empowering, and reflective of the diversity that makes Namibia truly extraordinary.

Together, let us embark on this inspiring journey of empowerment, diversity, and conscious beauty calibration. The future is bright, and we are excited to witness the positive impact our collective efforts will undoubtedly have on the lives of countless young women across our beautiful nation.

Umbi Karuaihe-Upi

Mrs Umbi Karuaihe-Upi
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Miss Namibia Organisation